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Feel like uncovering new stories? Beautiful stories, preserved cultures, warmhearted people, abundant nature and breathtaking landscapes are awaiting for you! Sphere Tour & Travel will take you to Ethiopia to explore a destination full of emotions.

It’s been over ten years now that we’ve been sharing our passion for this gem of a country – Ethiopia. For over a decade we’ve been enabling our clients to undertake authentic journeys, full of discoveries, new encounters and exchanges that have led us to establish sincere relationships and even to develop great friendships. Our goal has always been the same: to make you discover Ethiopia, to allow you to meet with the people who live there, to reveal the country’s cultural wealth – to let you, for the duration of an escapade, enjoy a very unique human experience. Those ten years of passion have granted Sphere Tour & Travel its privileged position. Today we are an unmissable benchmark for making you discover the “Cradle of Humankind”, its culture and its fascinating history.

Ten years of experience translate into a solid guarantee of reliability, expertise and professionalism that we put at your disposal: our impeccable knowledge of the land, our close ties with the local communities, French and English-speaking travel guides, a large fleet of vehicles in perfect condition and a constant commitment for ethical tourism.

Whether you are a travel agency or an individual traveller (together with a partner, family or friends…) do not hesitate to submit your Ethiopia travel plans with your chosen dates and we will compose an itinerary that suits you, in accordance with your tastes, your wishes and your budget – your tailor-made travel!


Authenticity and sharing constitute our core values. All our teams are working towards a common goal: to share our expertise and our passion for the splendid Ethiopia with you!

Our Philosophy

We are always at your service to study all your tailor-made travel propositions in a cheerful, relaxed and professional atmosphere, in order to offer you the experiences you are looking for in accordance with the values that we cherish.

As we have a constant wish to progress and improve, our travellers’ satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, in order to offer you the best possible journey, all the services offered are selected very carefully and booked in advance for you (hotels, restaurants, excursions…). We always verify, modify and upgrade the services we offer so that your stay is always up to your expectations.

As an active development agent in a country that is still scarcely visited and little known by the general public, we are committed to ethical tourism. We wish to respect and preserve the people and the local communities we visit and to promote a fair, eco-friendly tourism that allows for a sustainable development while minimising our impact on the environment.

Whatever your evasion project to Ethiopia is, we can provide you with a travel plan that will fully satisfy your thirst of discoveries!

Our conception of the Tailor-made Travel

Feel like getting away with your partner, among friends, with your family, your work colleagues or your association for a unique journey, composed exclusively for you and at the dates of your convenience? Our tailor-made travels offer you the comfort, the security and the liberty essential for the successful realisation of your adventure. Honeymoons, birthdays, retirement – so many occasions to celebrate by getting together with your loved ones in order to share rare, exceptional moments!
Our entire concept is based on the personalisation of your trip following your needs and wishes. Our know-how and our experts’ judicious advice will allow us the best possible orchestration of your travel. We will propose an itinerary with excursions for discovering an authentic Ethiopia, in your own rhythm, by reaching out to meet the inhabitants and their everyday life.

Travel Ethiopia in all intimacy

Travel in all intimacy

You form your own group to share your journey with your partner, your family or friends! This little group’s conviviality will give to your travel a unique flavour on its own. From the simplest projects to the most extravagant ones, we will give life to all your dreams of evasion.

Travel Ethiopia in all liberty

Travel in all liberty

You can modify most of your itinerary according to your needs, your budget, your particular interests and in your own rhythm. You can favour some visits or extend some others with the help of our experts’ advice and your travel guide.

Travel Ethiopia in all serenity

Travel in all serenity

You will appreciate our carefully planned itineraries encompassing meetings and visits as well as moments of free time and relaxation. The utmost care we take to realise your travel, with its well orchestrated stages, will allow you to live your adventure in all safety. You can leave worry-free.


SeifeGebriel SHIFERAW - Sphere Travel Ethiopia

SeifeGebriel SHIFERAW


Selam ALI - Sphere Travel Ethiopia

Selam ALI

Sales & Marketing Manager

Maki SHEREFU - Sphere Travel Ethiopia


Booking & Operations


For many years Sphere Tour & Travel have been organising trips to Ethiopia as a Destination Management Company (DMC) for different European travel agencies. Some big names of the sector are already numbered amongst our loyal customers.

Sphere Tour & Travel is at your service for making your project of travelling to Ethiopia happen – whatever duration, theme and type of travel (adventure tour, cultural travel, cycling circuit, photo safari, horse or camel riding treks, corporate travels: incentives and team building…) you choose.
We put our many years off experience at your service to create your personalised travel plans to Ethiopia.

We wish to be more than a simple DMC, we wish to form a real trading partnership with your agency, based on an honest, trustworthy, long-term win-win relationship.

From welcoming your clients at the airport until their departure, rest assured that we will take precious care of your clientele while enhancing your company’s image!

In a constant pursuit of quality, the services we deliver are based on our teams’ know-how and experience. These are reflected in our logistical preparation as well as in our desire to share our love of travelling and our knowledge of the country. We are also diligent in our effort to maintain the group’s cohesion and cheerfulness while preserving everyone’s personal freedom… Finally, you will doubtless appreciate the quality of the vehicles (fit for the number of passengers, in good mechanical conditions and properly insured) and the logistical equipment (tents, cookware etc) we put at your disposal.

Seeking the services of Sphere Tour & Travel gives you the advantage of preferential tariffs and exclusive discounts throughout the year. It also means choosing a partner who values ethical tourism and whose core values revolve around ethics, respect, trust, loyalty, responsibility and professionalism.

Choosing Sphere Tour & Travel is choosing seriousness, reliability and creativity!

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