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North: the historic road and the highlands

The beautiful Abyssinian mountains, cradle of Ethiopia’s glorious history, shelter a rich wildlife and many fertile soils. The north of Ethiopia has long been the crossroad of African, Arabian and the Mediterranean cultures. These diverse influences have imparted a unique cultural and historical heritage to the region, embodied in a quartet of beautiful and singular landmarks listed as UNESCO’s World heritage sites - Axum, Lalibela, Gondar and the Simien Mountains National Park - but also in an impressive number of less known, yet nonetheless fascinating historical sites…

SOUTH: Omo Valley and Rift Valley

Rift Valley and its many lakes enshrined in fertile soil is populated by manifold birds. It stretches from Addis Ababa to the Kenyan border in the midst of volcanic landscapes, populated by wild animals. The contrast between these vast greeneries and the dark red soil of Omo Valley is startling. The valley is inhabited by a mosaic of ancestral tribes: the Borana and their huge herds of cattle, the excellent farmers - the Konsos, with their pagan rites, the Hamar and their body decoration, the Mursi and their lip plates…

EAST: the Danakil Depression, Harar and Bale Mountains National Park

Eastern Ethiopia is the land of geographical extremes. In the north, there is the Danakil Depression and the Dallol site - one of the most unusual places on the planet, with its volcano and its colourful sulphur springs. Eastern Ethiopia is also the site of the Erta Ale volcano with its large crater bubbling with molten lava. More to the South there are the Bale mountains with its 4,300m high peak of extremely abundant wildlife. Finally, more to the East lies the singular city of Harar - the spiritual heart of this predominantly Muslim region…

WEST: the Coffee Trail and the Omo’s west bank

The West of Ethiopia is a paradise for nature lovers. Between the Omo Park, territory of isolated tribes, and the Gamble National Park, it is not uncommon to see Colobus monkeys swinging from tree to tree alongside the road, elephants and buffalos hiding in the clearings as well as an impressive range of bird species - endemic species included. The silty fertile soils of its generously rained upon wooded slopes constitute a luxuriant natural home to the arabica coffee bean…


The well-tempered and well watered so-called “New Flower”, founded by Emperor Menelik II at the end of the 19th century, is the world’s third highest capital. Between an exemplary modernity and a traditional way of life, Addis Ababa offers access to fine museums, ancient churches and luxuriant forests as well as other interesting sites in its surroundings. The capital allows you to get lost into Africa’s biggest marketplace, to discover the exciting live-music scene - traditional as well as more contemporary, and to taste the local cuisine while admiring folk dances…

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